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New Latitude premium laptops to hit the shelves from Dell

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The 2020 overhaul of Dell’s range shows no signs of slowing down

Dell has revamped its Latitude range for 2020 and in doing so looks like it has come up with a series of highly desirable machines aimed at the business market.

The Latitude 9510, which we saw at CES back in January (at a time when we were still allowed to go to computer shows), will start at $1,899 and is a 15” laptop designed to Dell’s lightest, easy-to-carry, product. Weighing 3.1llbs, you will have no problem taking this around from meeting to meeting.

Where the Latitude is squarely aimed at the current market is its specialization in video calls. Four noise-canceling microphones and a speakerphone to pick you up from across the room, are all packed in there, making this probably the first step in the way we may well see business laptops travel in the future as we teleconference much more going forward.

While obviously designed well before the pandemic, this Latitude couldn’t be landing at a better time with this feature set.

If you upgrade the battery option at purchase, Dell reckons you might also be able to get up to 34 hours from just the one charge. We will need to see that to believe it, but if longevity is a necessity, again this is going to look mightily attractive.

One final option (it’s like buying cars these days) is you can choose to have it as a convertible rather than a traditional laptop, allowing you to be able to flip it around tablet-style.

The choices consumers have here to create a bespoke product to suit their needs are very impressive really.

The 9510 is on sale now.

Also, in the new range is the Latitude 7410 and 7310 (14” and 13.3” respectively). Again both can be purchased in flip format, but the selling point of the 7410 might well be Dell’s low-power 4K screen - the first time they have done this, which reduced light emissions for reduced eye-strain in darker settings.

Precision Made

If you need a little bit more oomph in your laptop, Dell has also revamped its Precision line, and the Precision 5550 and 5750 now come with the tiniest of screen bezels.

They are both thinner than the 2019 models, and Dell says they offer the portability of a laptop while having the processing power of a desktop.

The smaller 5500 is due on sale on May 28 from $1,999 with it’s bigger brother, the 6750 arriving on June 9, starting from $2,399.

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