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New ARM Apple Macbook Pro could come with an improved touch bar

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Last week, we reported that the previously announced ARM-based Macbooks could be delayed into 2021 rather than being made available post-October event. It’s not all bad though with new rumors that this new Macbook Pro iteration could come bundled with a whole new touch bar.

Prolific leaker @komiya_kj is back at it again suggesting that the new touch bar will be of a “2nd gen” nature, probably implying that we’ll see improvements and new features. We could also see a larger variant, potentially twice the size if other rumors are believed, which suggests that Apple could have big plans for the touch bar controls in the future. In addition, Komiya also states that they’ll be FaceID built into next-gen Macbook Pros which doesn’t seem too hard to believe considering all other mobile devices have this feature nowadays.

A lot of people seem to be a fan of the current touch bar thanks to its multifunctionality, adjusting settings such as volume, switching between apps, and various other features. So, if the rumors of doubling its size are true it could come in extremely useful in a number of situations. But, we’ll sadly just have to wait and see and unfortunately, with the speculation that the October Apple event has been cancelled, it good be quite a while.

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