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Best Laptop Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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Cyber Monday brings with it incredible deals for tech in general but laptops specifically receive heavy discounts thus making it the ideal time to pick one up. Don't just think that you're looking at the lower budget laptops getting money off, the higher-end, higher-spec variant discounts will also be rife during the Cyber Monday period.

Best Laptop Cyber Monday Deals 2020

As previously stated, we've compiled a full list of Cyber Monday laptop deals so you can easily access them and secure yourself a nice saving. No matter where you are in the world, there'll surely be a laptop Cyber Monday deal for you so you can spend that extra cash elsewhere.

Best Gaming Laptop Cyber Monday Deals 2020

You can pick up some great run of the mill laptop Cyber Monday deals this year but what about gaming-specific variants? Well, there are in fact a whole host of great gaming laptop Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of, saving a bunch on some of the best portable gaming tech around.

Cyber Monday Laptop Deals 2020 - What to look for

Laptops are a notoriously difficult product the buy due to the varying number of specs, sizes, and the generally confusing terminology. But, we're going to break that down a little for you here, giving you some hints and tips on the meaning of some aspects and the minimum specs you should be looking out for.

RAM - RAM is undoubtedly one of the key components in any laptop as it's a big determining factor of how much multitasking you're able to do. As a general rule, we'd suggest as a minimum, 4GB of RAM as this will allow some multi-tasking to take place, even with the memory-hogging programs like Google Chrome.

CPU - The CPU is the brain of a laptop so ensuring you buy a laptop that has a solid variant is needed. As always, it's AMD vs Intel and the versions we'd recommend are the i5/i7 for Intel and Ryzen 4000 series for AMD.

GPU - While you might think having a better graphics card is your laptop might not be important, they're useful for a lot more than gaming. A good graphics card enables you to do other tasks such as video editing and more so look out for the more premium options as the ones to go for.

Screen Resolution - Screen sizes are one thing to consider but screen resolution is probably the more important aspect of your display. With today's laptops, you want an absolute minimum of full HD (1920x1080) not just because it's the norm but with 4k creeping into the majority of households, you'll be left far behind.

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