Top 10 Gaming Laptops

Best Gaming Laptops

Most gaming enthusiasts usually are of the opinion that desktop computers are better options for them. However, laptops have become so powerful today that they can pretty much offer an equal, if not better, gaming experience than desktop PCs.

The factors that determine a great gaming laptop is the same as that for a gaming desktop computer. This means that the graphics card is extremely important, and a quad-core or Ivy bridge processor is a must. Screen size also plays an important role, which is why many of the top gaming computers are desktop replacements rather than small ultra-portables.

Battery life is not as important for determining good gaming laptops as it is for any other laptop category because modern games tend to be very power-intensive. If you plan to play on a gaming laptop, expect to keep it plugged in most of the time. None of this power comes cheap either. A great gaming laptop generally costs more than £900.

Given below is a list of the top 10 best gaming laptops you can find at present, in ascending order.


  1. Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop Angle

Like any gaming laptop, the Samsung Series 7 Gamer sacrifices battery life and portability for power and even more power. It has a great processor-GPU combination. This system is more than enough for running the most intensive games today.

Its notable features include:

  • Third-generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M graphics card
  • 16 GB of memory

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  1. Razer Blade

Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop

The Razer Blade has its own special place in a segment full of powerful gaming rigs. This laptop has a unique keyboard and trackpad system called the Switchblade interface. Rather than being situated below the keyboard, the trackpad is located beside it. Another great thing about this laptop is that it does not lose out on the portability factor despite its immense inbuilt power. The slim profile and low weight makes it easy to carry around, which is rare among gaming laptops. The portability, however, comes with a price tag that is higher than usual.

Notable features of this laptop include:

  • Unique keypad and keyboard design
  • Portable yet powerful
  • Switchblade interface
  • Lots of processing power

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  1. Origin EON17-S

Origin EON17-S Gaming Laptop

The Origin EON17-S does not just look like an Alienware laptop, it also performs like one. This high-end gaming laptop has an Intel Ivy Bridge Extreme Edition Core i7 3920XM processor along with an NVidia GeForce GTX 675M graphics card, both of which offer impressive performances. Battery life is surprisingly good at 2.5 hours, but the biggest downside of the Origin EON17-S is its extremely high price tag. It costs around £2,200, which is very close to the Alienware M18X, but the difference in the performance of both these machines is tremendous.

The main features of this laptop include:

  • Good battery life for a gaming laptop
  • Very powerful Ivy Bridge Intel processor
  • Good Nvidia GPU

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  1. MSI GT70 0NE

MSI GT70 0NE Gaming Laptop Angle 2

Conforming to the unwritten rule that gaming laptops should be flashy both inside and out, the MSI GT70 0NE is packed with external features like a Blu-Ray burner drive and a multicolor SteelSeries backlit keyboard. On the inside, this laptop has an Intel Core i7 3610QM processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, 16 GM RAM, and a 4GB NVidia GeForce GTX card. Despite some impressive specifications, this laptop falls a little short of the Origin EON17-S, but performs very well on its own.

The main features of this laptop are:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 4GB graphics card
  • Intel quad-core processor
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Blu-ray drive

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  1. MSI GT70 0NC

MSI GT70 0NC Gaming Laptop

The next laptop in this list is also an MSI GT70, but one with a slightly lower list of specifications. It comes with a Turbo Drive Engine designed by MSI that is supposed to deliver a boost to graphics performance, but in reality, it offers a 4 percent boost at most. This laptop shares the same processor as that in the previous MSI entry, which is a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 3610M. It also gets 16GB of DDR3 RAM and an NVidia GeForce GTX 670M graphics card. In terms of real-world performance, however, the GT70 0NC falls well below the Alienware M18X. It is still a great gaming laptop, but it works better as a hardcore multitasking and general performance machine.

The main features of this laptop are given below:

  • MSI Turbo Drive Engine technology
  • Intel quad-core processing power
  • 16GB memory
  • Discrete Nvidia GeFord GTX 670M card

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  1. Maingear Pulse 11

Maingear Pulse 11 Gaming Laptop

The Maingear Pulse 11 is a small but surprisingly powerful laptop. Its 11.6-inch screen and ultraportable design may indicate otherwise, but this system can run intensive 3D games quite easily. It is understandable that some people may not think of an ultraportable as a gaming machine, but playing games on this small laptop is much easier than playing on a larger laptop with modest specifications. The component quality, connectivity, and audio quality of the Maingear Pulse 11 is also very good, making this the best among ultraportable gaming laptops.

Here are its top features:

  • Small but bright and clear screen
  • Powerful gaming components
  • Ultra-portable design


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  1. Eurocom Scorpius

Eurocom Scorpius Gaming Laptop

Priced at over £3,300, the Eurocom Scorpius is arguably the fastest gaming laptop at present, which is great for playing graphics-intensive games. The huge 17-inch screen is complemented by an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor, as well as two top-end NVidia GeForce graphics cards and two solid-state drivers. With this kind of speed, it would seem like the Scorpius has ticked all the right boxes, but it has some downsides as well. The exterior design is poor and lacks finesse, but the biggest issue is its price. At over £3,000, the bang for buck delivered by the Eurocom Scorpius is highly questionable.

The main features of the Eurocom Scorpius include:

  • Extreme Edition Intel i7 processor
  • Two GeForce Graphics cards
  • Two SSDs

Click here for more information on Eurocom Scorpius.

  1. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 Gaming Laptop

The Dell XPS 15 achieves what many other gaming laptops do not- it combines refined looks with great performance. It is as good a looker as any Apple laptop, but it offers the performance that many other premium desktop replacements sorely lack. Priced at a very reasonable £880, this laptop has a quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processor and a switchable NVidia Graphics card.

The main features of this laptop are:

  • Good looks and form factor
  • Second-generation quad-core Intel processor
  • Switchable graphics card

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  1. Alienware M18X

Alienware M18X Gaming Laptop

Alienware laptops and PCs pretty much symbolize PC gaming, so it comes as no surprise to see the biggest Alienware laptop in the top two of this list. The flagship rig for Dell’s gaming system department, the M18X gets the best components possible in a well-built, stylish chassis and an incredibly large and crisp 18.4-inch display. However, the one big obstacle that stops this laptop from bagging the first position in this list is its price. At over £1,700, the M18X pushes past the budget of many gamers.

This laptop’s main features include:

  • Flagship Alienware rig
  • Top-most available components
  • Stylish chassis design
  • Large and crisp 18.4-inch display

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10. Alienware M17X

Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop

The M17X may be a smaller version of the bigger and more powerful M18X, but it gets the first position in this list for offering what its big brother does not- better value for money. Priced £700 below the M18X, this laptop offers the same amazing design elements, ample performance, and a slightly smaller, but equally brilliant 17-inch display.

The top features of this laptop include:

  • Better value for money than M18X
  • Brilliantly detailed 17-inch display
  • Lots of power
  • Same impressive exterior design as the M18X

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