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Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E Laptop Review

Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E Laptop Review11


The Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E is designed to offer the best in media viewing, creating, and editing. With state of the art graphics, powerful processing, and an abundance of media tools, this laptop is the ultimate multimedia machine.

For users who want the best in multimedia entertainment and creative facilitation, the Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E  provides all of the tools needed. With an integrated HD-webcam with Exmor technology, users can create their own webseries. With a 3D and HD capable graphics card, users can watch the latest blockbuster in perfect clarity. With S-Force Front Surround 3D speakers, users can experience their favorite songs the way they were meant to be heard.

Processing Speed

The Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E features an Intel Core i7-2640M processor with a processing speed of 2.80 GHz. This processing power gives the VAIO F-series the speed necessary to render the best in graphical representations. BluRay movies and streaming videos are clear and pristine without lag or delay created by problems in rendering. Users can easily edit videos or compose entire symphonies from their laptop, making the VAIO VPC-F24C5E one of the most versatile creative tools.

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Graphics and Display

Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E Laptop ReviewThe integrated 2 gigabye NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card allows the VAIO VPC-F24C5E to render crystal clear graphics. The images come through in the highest definition even making it possible to view 3D movies on the laptops large 16.4 inch screen. The 16:9 real-wide format takes advantage of the expanded real estate, making wide screen videos take up more of the screen and minimizing black bars that detract from the viewing experience. The screen also renders the highest color contrast, making images bright and vivid.

Storage Capacity

Users can store all of their home movies, digital pictures, and multimedia projects on the computer’s 640 gigabyte hard drive disk. Even the most complex HD video project can easily be stored, edited, and viewed right on the VAIO VPC-F24C5E’s integrated HDD. However, for even larger projects or for further storage, the computer also has a Blu-Ray disc writer, which can hold an extra 50 GB of storage on just a single removable disk.

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Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E Laptop Review2As a laptop, the Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E must be able to connect with a variety of devices and allow its user to communicate wherever he or she may be. To that end the computer offers wireless LAN plus Bluetooth capability. There are also two super-speed USB 3.0 outputs and an additional USB 2.0 port. There are also Ethernet and VGA outputs as well as an 4-pin port , to enable users to connect to a wide variety of storage and internet devices.

Specs and Features

  • 16.4 Inch screen
  • Intel Core i7-2640M processor
  • 2.80 GHz
  • LED
  • 640 GB HDD
  • 802.11 bgn Wireless connectivity
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Windows 7 Professional

The Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E offers everything a user could need to have a true multimedia experience. From its pristine graphics and surround sound technology to its integrated creative tools for video and sound editing, this laptop is capable of supporting the needs of even the most creative users.

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