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Samsung Series 7 700G7 Laptop Review

Samsung Series 7 700G7 Laptop Review


The Samsung Series 7 700G7 packs impressive power and extensive multimedia options into its large 17.3” chassis.

The graphics and audio on the Samsung Series 7 700G7 are outstanding and make for an exceptional gaming experience. For quieter times, such as in the library, the computer can easily be switched to Library Mode using the convenient Mode Dial. Gaming Mode, another option on the dial, amps up everything you need for an intense gaming session and fully utilizes the Samsung Series 7 700G7’s powerful Intel i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM.

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Mode Dial

Samsung Series 7 700G7 Laptop ReviewThere are four basic modes on the Samsung Series 7 700G7 and the super convenient Mode Dial makes it easy to switch between them. Balanced mode is intended for normal everyday use while Green Mode is a basic energy saver mode. Library Mode reduces fan noise, and turns off any possible lights and sounds. In the all important Gaming Mode, the processor is turbo cooled for super speed, the key and touchpad are disabled, and the gaming buttons are highlighted in red. In other words, Gaming Mode primes the computer for an utterly fantastic and superior win.

Vivid Graphics

The Samsung Series 7 700G7 features breathtakingly beautiful graphics. The huge 17.3” LED LCD screen features SuperBright technology, which makes the screen twice as bright as the typical laptop. In spite of the extra brightness, the computer is still less affected by ambient lighting changes than most screens. The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and there is a refresh rate of 120 Hz. All this combines to make for crisp, crystal clear pictures that move as fast as the eye can process.

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3D Capability for Graphics and Audio

Gaming is taken to the next level with 3D imaging on the Samsung Series 7 700G7. The included 3D glasses connect to the computer using Bluetooth technology and use active shutter technology to provide smooth images with no noticeable blurring. The audio doesn’t disappoint either, with Dolby Home Theatre 4. There are four stereo speakers and a subwoofer for exceptional sound even without external speakers. For even more options, use any of the input and output ports on both sides of the computer to connect any kind of external display or storage device.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.2 GHz with 6 MB L3 cache and an AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics cardSamsung Series 7 700G7 Laptop Review (2)
  • 8 GB RAM, 2 GB graphics memory, 750 GB hard drive
  • 17.3” SuperBright Full HD LCD LED 3D display, resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Four stereo speakers, plus a subwoofer, Dolby Home Theater 4 sound with mic suppression
  • 2.0 megapixel integrated web camera, Blu-ray optical drive
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system
  • One year warranty
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price

The Samsung Series 7 700G7 is a huge computer that packs an impressive punch. The 17.3” screen is brighter than most, less affected by ambient lighting, and capable of HD 3D picture. The Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM ensure that even when the graphic capabilities are fully utilized, the computer works at its fastest. Gaming Mode helps with this by turbo cooling the processor so that super fast and intense can peacefully coexist in the same gaming session.

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