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Sources hint at ARM-based MacBooks being delayed

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Apple and delays aren’t two things that usually go together with the company rarely being able to hit the deadlines on their product launches. However, this may in fact be one of those times with sources suggesting that the highly anticipated ARM-based MacBooks are going to be delayed, potentially into 2021.

This delay comes in the form of a leak from Twitter user KomiyaLeaks who suggests that there won’t be an “October event” which had previously been reported to be going ahead, unveiling a MacBook with Apple Silicon. With there potentially not being an Apple October event, that strongly hints that we won’t see these ARM-based MacBooks this year, and instead, there could be a Spring release instead.

It’s certainly unlike Apple to not hold an event in some capacity but there’s no saying this event won’t be moved online, and that’s why the ‘leaks’ that a physical event won’t be taking place have come out, maybe it has been moved online and the venue has been alerted, springing information to be ‘leaked’.

We hope these ARM-based MacBooks to get unveiled sooner rather than later but with COVID-19 still lurking, that could also be a major factor in getting these devices ready for public release.

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