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IBM Reveal Power10 CPU

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IBM has recently announced their newest addition into their line of CPUs, with the unveiling of their Power10 Chip.

The Power10 Chip will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics, using the 7NM chip manufacturing process that has already been met with worldwide acclaim and praise. According to Reuters, this process is going to lead its predecessor by at least three times as much power, with the main function of the processor itself being based within business use at data centers.

The chief principle behind the manufacturing of these chips is that they will be integral in the working of AI tasks – with the Power10 chip capable of running these artificial intelligence programs up to 20 times faster than the previous version of the same chip.

That’s all impressive stuff, and it has to be at the moment. IBM is going to be seeing competition in the CPU marketplace right now from the heavy hitters in AMD and Intel, who are set to reveal brand new CPU chipsets in the near future that are going to dominate the commercial and private markets.

However, AMD and IBM might be at an advantage when it comes time to start the production on these chips as they use external factories to facilitate production. Intel has reported that they might have issues providing enough chips when it comes to their production cycle due to COVID. This might have dire ramifications for the laptop segment of the market, as Intel is set to release a brand new laptop CPU during the latter half of this year.

Regardless, the success of IBMs new chipset is near-guaranteed due to the worldwide renown of IBM, and due to the fact that their CPUs are set to dominate the commercial and AI-driven areas of the computing field.

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