Alienware series gets a refresh as Dell add 10th Gen Intel processors into the mix

Hot on the heels of Dell’s refresh of their XPS series, their Alienware branded gear has also received a new lick of paint and had a new member introduced into the line-up at the same time.

The popular Alienware Area 51m and m15/m17 variants have both been updated and we can also now welcome the Alienware Aurora R11 desktop into the fold.

Revision 2 of the 51m (this is getting confusing already) comes with a Core i7-10700 but this can be boosted all the way up to a Core i9-10900K. Options exist to kit it out with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

Base models start with a GTX 1660Ti GPU but you can, should you want, go all the way up to a GeForce RTX 2080 Super which should future-proof you for gaming for some considerable time to come.

Storage can be configured from single to dual to RAID0 setups depending on the size of your wallet and the whole thing is powered by a 90W battery.

Meanwhile, the m15 and m17 both get the upgrade to 10th gen Intel processors as well and can be upgraded to up to 32GB of RAM. The display panels on each have an up to 300Hz refresh rate but there is an option to go with an OLED UHD screen if you don’t mind the refresh rate dropping to 60Hz.

As we have come to expect the prices of this range aren’t for the faint of heart.

Available from 9 June, the Area 51m R2 is going to set you back (from) $3,049.99 while the m15 and m17 R3s hit stores next week (May 21st) and will cost (from) $1,499.99 and $1,549.99 respectively.

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