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MSI GT683 Laptop Review

MSI GT683 Laptop Review (2)


This is one gaming notebook that genuinely packs a powerful punch. The future of gaming notebooks is represented by the MSI GT683DXR-479UK and its astonishing performance, slickly cool design and no-nonsense functionality. All serious gamers should seriously consider buying this notebook.

The MSI GT683DXR-479UK successfully combines thinness and lightness with raw and monstrous gaming prowess. As portable gaming rigs go, this is definitely one of the most powerful. Gamers everywhere will want to impress their friends by bringing this to the party, but the notebook is equally impressive as a gaming system in the comfort of a user’s home.

Dazzling Design

It’s hard not to be impressed by the combo of sophistication and practicality that the design of the MSI GT683DXR-479UK has managed to achieve. The whole of the top shell is in encased in a smooth shiny plastic. This is also the case for the inside, where both the display bezel and the keyboard deck sport the same material. In striking contrast, the palmrest is made out of a slightly more matte gray plastic that boasts an appealing honeycomb pattern, etched onto its surface. Close the lid and turn the machine over to reveal a back encased in a rougher grain of toy-like plastic.

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Fantastic Functionality

MSI GT683 Laptop ReviewThis gaming notebook is fun and easy to use and that’s largely due to its amazing versatility. It’s the range of connectivity options available that makes the MSI GT683DXR-479UK so versatile. At the back, there is power, Ethernet, VGA, ESata and HDMI. Meanwhile the left side sports three USB ports (two of the 3.0 persuasion) and a card reader. The right houses a DVD burner, which is upgradable to Blu-ray, and also another USB port and audio jacks for headphone, microphone and audio in and out.

Perfect Performance

When it comes to performance, the MSI GT683DXR-479UK is undoubtedly remarkable, thanks to the power offered by the Core i7-2630QM, 12GB of RAM and NVIDIA’s GTX 570M. Audio performance is just as impressive. The Dynaudio supplied system is punchy and loud without being a victim of sound distortion, even when the volume is cranked right up. Although more bass would be ideal, it’s hard to find any laptop with deep enough notes. Considering the power of this notebook’s overall performance, its battery life is surprisingly long.

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Specs and Features

  • The latest 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • High-end NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 570M discrete graphics card (with GDDR5 1.5GB VRAM)MSI GT683 Laptop Review (3)
  • Sound by Dynaudio
  • RAM bus / speed: DDR3
  • Storage interface: SATA
  • RAID support
  • Chipset: Intel
  • Audio inputs: 3.5mm
  • Audio outputs: 3.5mm
  • Audio channels: Stereo
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price

This gaming notebook provides plenty of value for money. It not only looks great but performs well too. MSI has done really well in developing a sturdy yet stylish device that showcases the best of the latest technology. If this is the future of mobile gaming, then the future looks bright. Take a leap of faith today by buying the gaming notebook of tomorrow.

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