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How to speed up a laptop

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Laptops can slow down due to a number of different reasons but most of the time, these can be corrected to get your device running a little faster, and maybe back to its former glory. They can range from super easy fixes to more complex ones like installing new components but hopefully, after reading this article, you should be able to figure out how to speed up your laptop no matter what.

How to speed up a laptop

So, you’re looking for how to make your laptop faster. We’re going to provide you with five ways in which you can do this encompassing both software and hardware methodology, ensuring that you’re fully prepared. Let’s get into it.

Disable apps on startup

Sometimes, when you install new software on your laptop, it’ll automatically set itself so it’ll open upon startup. This will ultimately slow your laptop down because it is trying to load the OS as well as all the other programs that have invaded your startup process, putting a heavy strain on your CPU and RAM.

The solution is to disable the apps/programs that are opening on startup and aren’t necessary. The way to do this is to simply type ‘msconfig’ in your search bar and head to the ‘Startup’ tab then uncheck all of the boxes relating to the programs you don’t need to open on your laptop’s startup.

This will hopefully make your laptop not only faster on startup but also throughout your time on your machine due to the fact that these apps/programs won’t be hogging your CPU/RAM the whole time.

Use a disk cleaner

A disk cleaner is a good way to sweep up any unneeded files and programs on your laptop. On a Windows laptop, you’ll actually get a feature called ‘disk cleanup utility’ which will do the job for you without having to install any third-party software. Not only with this remove the unnecessary stuff you know about but also the ones you don’t as it does a deep dive into your system and removes any hidden garbage.

If you’re on a Mac, it does have a similar feature to that on a Windows device where you’re able to optimize your storage but a third-party app will probably do a more thorough job. To access the inbuilt feature though, hit the Apple icon in the top left and click ‘About This Mac’. You can then review your files, optimize your storage, or transfer them over to iCloud. This will free up some space on your Macbook and maybe even make it faster in the process.

Add more RAM (if possible)

If your laptop has the ability to either swap out RAM sticks or has additional slots to install more RAM, it could be a very easy way of making your laptop faster. The way to see if your laptop can accept more RAM is either to do your research online or open up your laptop yourself and inspect your RAM slots. Sometimes there are spare slots but a lot of the time there are no additional slots and you’ll simply upgrade the ones you currently have installed, maybe from a 4GB variant to an 8GB for example, if your laptop supports it that is.

The reason why more RAM/higher capacity RAM will help speed up your laptop is that RAM allows you to multi-task more effectively thus making everything you do that little bit more speedy coupled with quickening everything up when having a bunch of programs open.

If you are able to install higher capacity RAM, standard RAM won’t do the job and you’ll need to buy specialized laptop RAM like the HyperX Impact 16GB stick from Kingston as it’s developed solely for that purpose, being much smaller and is more compact overall.

Uninstall unused programs

This might seem like a no brainer but a lot of people download a bunch of free apps and overlook uninstalling the unused ones on their laptop in aid of speeding it up. It’ll free up space on your hard drive/SSD while also removing the potential of them eating away at your CPU/RAM if they’re open in the background.

To uninstall any unused apps you may have, you head over to your control panel and locate your apps section where you can simply click uninstall on the ones you don’t want. If you’re on a Mac device, it’s even easier, just drag and drop them into the trash then empty it and that’s it, they’re gone forever.

Install an SSD

Like RAM, installing a new hard drive, or even better, an SDD, will speed up your laptop dramatically. The more traditional hard drive is limited in terms of read/write speeds but an SSD offers specs that go above and beyond, quickening up the startup process, app/program loading, and general overall performance. Installing something like a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD will provide you with read/write speeds of over 500mb/s making your laptop far faster than it ever could have been with a traditional hard drive.

If you’ve tried all of these methods for making your laptop faster and it’s simply not making any difference, sadly, you might have been defeated and the best route to a faster laptop is to sadly go out and purchase a new one. What this does do though is give you the opportunity to harvest your old laptop for components like RAM and increase the speed of your new device to the MAX.

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