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How to remove laptop keys

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We all know that your laptop keyboard is prone to picking up dust, dirt, and getting stuff lodged in those nooks and crannies but what you might not know is that you can actually remove your laptop keys, to clean up your keyboard to its former glory. However, unlike traditional keyboards, removing those laptop keys can be a little tricky due to the slim form factor, hindering any tools getting under there.

To help you out with this, we’re going to detail how to remove laptop keys as well as what tools you need and finally, how to replace laptop keys correctly. We’ll also give you some tips on how to clean your laptop keyboard correctly, ensuring you don’t short anything out!

How to remove laptop keys

So, how do you remove laptop keys from your keyboard? Well, you’ll need a small, flat tool that you can wedge under the key to pry it up. Something like a flat-head screwdriver or even a knife would be useful in this situation as there’s a bit of length to them and should be small enough to get under the keys but a more professional kit like this one may be a better option and will definitely not damage your keys. If you have none of these at your disposal, you can use your fingernail as an alternative but be careful not to push too hard as you may cause some damage to your finger/thumb.

Once you have your weapon of choice, pry up the corner of the key(s) you want to remove. The key should come out partially but still be attached to your laptop keyboard with a form of mechanism called a key retainer or scissor-switch. To remove the key from the retainer, simply pull it off with your hands, no need to go in with any tools as it should come right off with little force. You should now have the key in your hand ready to be either cleaned or replaced.

If desired, you can remove the key retainer from your laptop keyboard too if you’re wanting to do a deep clean. To do this get your tool of choice and again, attempt to push it under the corner. Now twist your tool slightly and it should come away from your laptop.

How to clean a laptop keyboard

Now, if you’re learning how to remove laptop keys because you want to clean them and your keyboard, you’re going to need the correct knowledge so you can avoid damaging anything.

For the laptop keys themselves, there are not many places you can go wrong as they’re not electronic in any way so you can literally throw them all into a bucket of soapy water and clean them. If you don’t want to go that thorough, you can just use an antibacterial wipe and it’ll probably do a decent enough job.

For the underneath, the laptop keyboard itself, it’s literally part of the laptop so that means you won’t be able to use any water as you’ll fry the internals. Opting for something like rubbing alcohol is probably the best way to go here as it dries up pretty much instantly and kills any of that nasty bacteria, perfect for electronics, especially those that are used on a daily basis.

How to replace laptop keys

Now you’ve removed and cleaned your laptop keys, it’s time to replace them. Basically, it’s the reverse of removing them but with a little more care.

If you simply removed just the key, you can place it back in its place and push down until you hear the ‘click’ sound. However, if you removed the whole mechanism, there’s a little more to it. Take a look at your hinge and change the orientation to match that of the metal hooks on your laptop then, insert the smaller cup-like piece into the center of the retainer. You can now place the key onto the top and push down until you hear the ‘click’ sound. That’s it, you should’ve replaced the key, whether it was a new one, or the cleaned up old one.

There we have it, we looked at how to remove laptop keys, how to clean laptop keys, and how to replace laptop keys. We hope we’ve given you the insight so you can these completed successfully without any issues and if you’re on a cleaning binge, take a look at our guide to top laptop hygiene.

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