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The Best Internal Laptop Upgrades

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When it comes to laptops you are going to hard-pressed to find a better alternative for a portable workstation – or gaming rig. The thing is a lot of people operate under the assumption that their laptop is a fixed piece, that there is nothing to be done in the way of upgrades – but that isn’t true.

So, no more preamble, here are just a few of the best internal upgrades you can buy and install in our laptop during 2020!

Upgrade Your Laptops RAM

Ram is vital in any computer. Not only does it help out with processing power, but it also has a direct impact on the operation and speed at which applications run, and can slow down your whole operating system if overloaded.

So, replacing or upgrading RAM is often a vital part of any PC owners upgrade path, a component that is inevitably going to prove important in either being added to or replaced with a better part – luckily, it is possible to replace the RAM on your laptop as well.

Just check to see if your actual laptop is compatible with an upgrade of its RAM, and what kind of RAM it can support. Upping the Gb support that your ram offers is going to allow more or larger applications to run on your laptop at the same time, and investing in DDR3 or even DDR4 variants means that you could potentially speed up the RAM you are using, meaning that the performance of your laptop itself could improve.

Upgrading the RAM in your laptop is one of the best laptop upgrades you can buy, as it is going to have a direct and noticeable impact on your laptops performance – and if you own and operate a gaming laptop you are definitely going to be interested in improving your machine’s performance, as RAM can have a drastic effect on gameplay

Upgrade Your Laptops Battery

When it comes to laptops, it’s a pretty safe statement to say that their portability is one of their biggest selling points. It’s also a pretty safe statement to say that a lot of the factory fit batteries that ship with laptops aren’t all that they could be.

Luckily, you’re going to find that in 99% of cases, laptop batteries are in fact modular – meaning that they can be swapped out and replaced easily (which is lucky, considering that plenty of lithium-ion batteries lose their potency over time).

So, it makes sense that one of the best laptop upgrades you can buy would be an upscaled battery. Not only are you going to potentially increase the screen time you get when you aren’t hooked into an AC adapter, but you could find that you use less power from your outlet due to better power consumption options – like using a better performing power supply on a PC.

So, obviously the benefits of a new and better performing laptop battery are obvious, but don’t forget that one of the biggest advantages with a removable battery is that they can be swapped out. Even if your laptop comes fitted with the best battery on the market, it's always worth buying a spare just in case you are ever caught in a situation where you need more life from your laptop – but don’t have the opportunity to charge.

Its an easy upgrade too – whilst it might be tough to get new RAM into your machine, all you have to do for most laptop batteries is unclip the old and clip in the new!

Replace Your Hard Drive

Did you know that in some instances you are perfectly able to replace the hard drive in your laptop? In some cases, this can be quite difficult, with either you or a technician taking apart your laptop to reinstall your drive – but if you have a modular laptop this can actually be quite easy.

Regardless, the fact is that if your motherboard allows it you can always upgrade your laptop’s internal storage to reflect a larger hard drive – or solid-state drive.

What’s the difference? Well, solid-state drive (or SSDs) run a lot quicker than a regular hard drive, due to the fact that information is stored on non-moving parts and rely on flash memory – and this has a lot of advantages when it comes to the day to day running of your laptop.

For example, if you designate your new SSD as your computers ‘boot’ drive (where the OS is stored), then you will find that your laptop boots up a lot quicker than it ever did on a hard drive. You can also rely on an SSD to help you run applications a lot quicker than they would off of a hard drive – games will load faster, and applications like photoshop will generally work a lot smoother than they would on a regular hard drive.

Then you have the other advantage of upgrading your laptop’s memory – freeing up space. A cluttered and at-capacity memory drive is going to slow down your laptop in general – make sure that if you do get the opportunity to replace or upgrade your laptops hard drive, that you buy yourself an SSD or HDD that features a much higher storage capacity than your original drive, just so that you can fit more onto your machine than you could originally – that’s the whole point of an upgrade!

Upgrade Your WiFi Card

On some laptops its perfectly possible to upgrade your laptops wireless connectivity – a great thing if you are looking to get a quicker internet speed when you aren’t hooked up to an ethernet cable.

So, why would you want to upgrade your laptops WiFi abilities? Well, to put it simply, laptops are constructed without upgradability in mind, and a five-year-old machine does not have hardware compatible with modern-day advancements – translating that to this specific circumstance, a five-year-old laptop might not have the capability to work at the max output of a modern-day router with super fast or fiber-optic internet speeds.

You will need to open up your laptop casing in order to unplug your old network card, and insert the new one – but it is possible.

The thing is though, not every laptop has the capacity to have its connectivity upgraded. Make sure that you check your laptops motherboard options before you go buying a WiFi card. However, that’s not a total closed door. You can always look into an external WiFi dongle if needs be, which will boost the potential speed and range of your laptop’s connectivity.

And, that about wraps it up when it comes to internal laptop upgrades. These are the best laptop upgrades you can manage inside your laptop – but your upgrades don’t have to stop there. You can also buy external components that are going to improve the general running and performance of your laptop, and there is a comprehensive list of the best external laptop upgrades right here!

Do you have any tips for internal laptop upgrades that don’t feature on this list? Don’t be shy, stick them in the comments below and we will add the best into the list? Alternatively, have any questions? Again, just ask in the comments and we will try our best to answer! 

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