The Best External Monitors For Laptops

Laptops are great – they are ultra-mobile, easy to use, and often cheaper than their desktop equivalents. The thing is, once you are sat at a desk and get working you can often feel the need for a little more room when it comes to your displays.

There are loads of reasons why you might want an additional screen for your laptop, but the big question is what’s the best external monitor for a laptop? Well, don’t worry, we’re going to try and answer then as best we can whilst giving some options perfect for different uses and tasks that might be more important to you than others!

Why Do I Need An External Monitor?

When it comes to the question of ‘do I need an external monitor’ the easiest way to answer is by thinking about whether you routinely run applications that stack up on top of each other, that can become overwhelming and stressful the more you have to switch between them? If the answer is yes, then it could be time to invest in an external monitor.

Another reason that an external monitor could be something you need is if you are working on your laptop, and find yourself having to switch between applications often in order to continue your workflow – an external monitor smooths out that process altogether, with a second screen to seamlessly work from or use as a reference.

Or you could be using your laptop for gaming, and you might need another screen for walkthroughs, monitoring a Discord channel, or even for running a streaming client. These are all valid things to want to run whilst gaming, and can be made so much easier with the use of a second screen. You might even want to run your games on that second screen – there are monitor options out there that allow for higher refresh rates and better color recreation, so there is every chance you can improve your laptops gameplay with a different external monitor.

Whatever the reason you are looking for an external monitor is, rest assured that there is an easy solution – and probably one tailored to your exact needs.

How Do I use An External Monitor?

The answer to this is ‘incredibly easily’. Just hook your monitor up to your laptop via the HDMI port and then head to your laptops ‘display settings’ to set up your external monitor just te way that you like it.

If you are using an external GPU, you can even use a Thunderbolt 3 cable to hook your laptop up to an external monitor, meaning that you can take total advantage of the possible boost in frame rate and graphical output on a monitor that might be able to display it better.

Basically, if you are worried about not being ‘technical enough’ to connect your laptop to an external monitor, rest assured that it couldn’t be easier.

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