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Dell Alienware M14x-5552 Gaming Laptop Review

Dell Alienware M14x-5552 Gaming Laptop Review (2)


This notebook is ideal for gamers looking for a device powerful enough to crush all their opponents. The Dell Alienware M14x-5552 is simply the most powerful 14-inch HD laptop available on the market today. It’s as devastating as the most monstrous of gaming weapons.

What this notebook represents is a revolutionary gaming experience. Users find themselves quickly immersed in mind-blowing gameplay once they get the notebook up and running. It’s almost like being right in the middle of the action, thanks to the cutting-edge graphics technology and the optional HD+ display. This is the notebook that’s set to change gaming forever.

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Fierce Features

All opponents will be blown away by the astounding features the Dell Alienware M14x-5552 boasts. In addition to the optional HD+ display, there’s also optional Intel Core i5 CPUs. There is also an array of color and transition effects to choose from, and these can be assigned to different components of the notebook, such as the keyboard and touchpad. Other notable features include the AlienTouch Touchpad Controls, which allow users to customize the touchpad’s sensitivity to prevent accidental contact and activate virtual scrolling to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling with just a touch.

Super Sound

Dell Alienware M14x-5552 Gaming Laptop Review (3)Thanks to the notebook’s Waves MaxxAudio feature, gamers can expect a sonic boom from the Dell Alienware M14x-5552 that’s loud enough to wake the neighbors. This majorly enhances the immersive gaming experience by bringing the action to life. The built-in 2.1 speaker configuration with audio powered by Klipsch doesn’t hurt the quality of sound either. In short, the audio performance of this gaming notebook is simply spectacular.

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Powerful Performance

Gamers truly hold the power when it comes to the Dell Alienware M14x-5552, because AlienFusion Power Management allows them to control how much power to use and when. They can decide when they need maximum performance or when to scale back power for less intensive applications. With so much power and control, gamers everywhere can finally feel fully in charge of their own gaming experience.

Specs and Features

  • Long Name: Alienware M14XDell Alienware M14x-5552 Gaming Laptop Review
  • RAM /Installed Size: 4096
  • Display / Diagonal Size: 14
  • Hard Drive / Capacity: 750
  • Display / Max Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Storage / Type: Hard drive
  • Processor / Type: Intel Core i3
  • Manufacturer: Dell
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)
  • 4GB 1333Mhz Memory
  • Nvidia 1.5GB GT 555M Graphics
  • Intel 1000 Wireless Card
  • Built-in 2.0MP webcam
  • 8 cell Battery
  • McAfee Security Centre 9.0 – 30 days trial
  • Soft Touch – Stealth Black Chassis

There are so many benefits of the Dell Alienware M14x-5552 and no major downsides to speak of. If this is the future of gaming on mobile platforms in general and of gaming notebooks in particular, then the future looks bright and every hardcore gamer should want to be a part of it. With this gaming notebook, the branding powerhouse that is Dell has delivered again—and then some. Make no mistake about it, the Dell Alienware M14x-5552 is big news in the gaming world.

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