Best Laptop Under $700

Last Updated: August 1st 2016

The process of choosing and buying a laptop can be very difficult with all the options available. You have a number of choices available for every price range, and it can be difficult to figure out which is the best without knowing all the factors, like build quality, specifications, performance, and much more. Not everyone is aware of all these factors, and choosing a laptop without considering them would cause problems later on.

If your looking for the best laptop under $700, you can find several laptops that offer a fast and powerful experience for daily tasks. Gaming performance may not be great, but you also get some features that you would not find in lower-budget models. Given below is a list of the best 5 laptops under $700.

Our best laptops for under $700: Top Picks

  1. Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830T

Acer Aspire Timeline X 4830T Review (2)

The Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830T is a great multimedia laptop that can serve as a desktop replacement as well.  It gets a Sandy Bridge Intel Core processor and a 15.6-inch screen with Super TFT coating for better picture quality and watching HD videos. On the outside, the Acer Aspire has a sleek chassis that weighs around 2.5 kg, which is light enough for it to be carried around everywhere. The edges of the 5830T do have some amount of flex, but the laptop itself is solidly built for the most part.

The Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830T offers good battery life of around four to five hours with basic office tasks and three hours with a movie being played. Storage is plenty thanks to the 640 GB hard drive, and four USB ports are available including one USB 3.0 port. All this comes at a price of around $577.

The notable features of this laptop include:

  • An attractive exterior design
  • Strong multimedia performance
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card
  • Intel Core i5 2430M processor

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  1. Sony Vaio VPCCA2Z0E

Sony VAIO VPC-F24C5E Laptop Review

The Sony Vaio VPCCA2Z0E is available with five exterior colors, including the red one shown above. The exterior colors and shape of the laptop immediately grab the attention of people and offer a welcoming and refreshing change from the dull grey and black colors of other laptops. Apart from red, the Sony Vaio VPCCA2Z0E is also available in orange, lime green, navy blue, black, white, and pink colors. The laptop gets a number of other cosmetic features, like a transparent effect and backlighting around the touch pad and the VAIO logo on the lid.

In terms of performance, the Sony Vaio VPCCA2Z0E is able to run HD videos nicely thanks to the bright and glossy screen. However, the lack of a dedicated graphics card means that users have to suffice with the integrated Intel graphics processor and avoid the latest games. The low-end Intel Core i3 2310M processor does not make things any better. Nevertheless, the Vaio performs well generally without too many intensive programs thanks to the 4GB of RAM.

Notable features of this laptop include:

  • Good batter life
  • Nicely designed exterior
  • Bright screen
  • Decent performance

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  1. Asus U36J

Asus U36J Laptop Review

The U36J is Asus’ attempt to enter the ultraportable market. While it lacks the freshness and innovativeness present in other ultraportables from Apple, Sony, or Dell, the Asus U36J does have some features that redeem it and make it a very appealing laptop that just fits the budget of $700. The laptop does not have anything to offer on the outside- it follows the tried and tested black layout, and the chassis looks similar to that of the Sony Vaio C Series. The 13.3-inch screen has a thick bezel around it, but it is bright and crisp. You get an isolation-style keyboard, which is always great for long-term conform and longevity. The Asus U36J also gets a fingerprint scanner, and it offers some impressive power for the price. The Intel Core i5 M460 processor offers 2.53 GHz and is backed by 4 GB DD3 RAM. However, the lack of a dedicated graphics means that it is cannot support games as well as other laptops in this list with discrete GPUs.

Notable features of this laptop include:

  • Decent performance
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Good battery life

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  1. Alienware M11x

Dell Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop Review2

The smallest and cheapest laptop in Dell’s Alienware range, the M11X is available for $699. It has an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor and an NVidia GeForce GT 540M graphics unit that offers good performance and a decent gaming experience. The bigger Alienware models are known for their bulkiness, but the M11X is comfortably portable at 2 kg and still packs a punch inside. It has a slender but solid chassis. However, this laptop lacks a DVD drive because of space constraints, so games need to be downloaded from Steam or other sources.

The notable features of this laptop include:

  • Good performance thanks to Intel Core i5 processor and GT 540M GPU
  • Well-built, tough exterior that is slender and portable at the same time
  • Impressive Klipsch speakers with 5.1 surround sound
  • Good battery life considering its performance

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  1. Lenovo G770

Lenovo G770 Laptop Review

The largest laptop in this list, the Lenovo G770 has a nice 17.3-inch screen and a good list of components inside. It has been built really well on the outside, with lots of brushed metal and a large isolation keyboard with ergonomic keys. It feels and looks like it can last a long time, which is great since Lenovo has also packed enough power under the hood for it to last for some years without any problems.

The Lenovo G770 gets a second-generation Intel Core i7 2620M processor with Sandy Bridge architecture, the same one that is used in the MacBook Pro for more than $1,000. The laptop has 6 GB RAM, and a good graphical performance from the AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card.

Notable features of this laptop include the following:

  • Good performance that should last for some years
  • Decent battery life of 4-5 hours
  • Dedicated AMD graphics card
  • 6 GB RAM and 640 GB hard drive

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