Best Laptops Under $400 in 2020

When picking out a laptop these days, there’ no upper ceiling on the price range you can opt for, with many fancy laptops costing thousands of dollars and beyond, but if you’re after a simpler machine that doesn’t need to be full of the latest cutting edge technology, and just needs to be able to function as a basic laptop, there are also a great many choices that come in at much more reasonable asking prices. These are the machines we’re focusing on for this round-up, laptop computers that are not for show but can get the job done.

In order to come in at under $400, there are a few compromises that have to be made. Some of these laptops are last year’s models, some are from earlier than that. None of these machines use top-end modern processors, all using entry-level or mid-range components. They also have less generous hard drive space and ram, something to bear in mind when picking out a machine.

We’ve still been able to compile a selection of very capable and competently made laptops that will satisfy most users looking for a new computer without breaking the bank. Here’s our round-up of the best laptops under $400.

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